Buying Avocados: Online vs. Conventional Grocery Stores

Buying Avocados: Online vs. Conventional Grocery Stores

Congratulations on recognizing the undeniable health benefits of avocados and for taking this first important step in learning about where and how to get the freshest avocados available! You have probably seen avocados available in your local grocery stores and farmers’ markets, but did you know that they are also readily available online? Just like all fruits and vegetables, avocados are seasonal and, depending on where you live and the time of year it is when you are suddenly struck by an irresistible hankering for some fresh guacamole, an online purchase just might be your best bet!

Here is a list of things to consider when buying in person at a traditional grocery store vs. online direct from the farmer:

  1. Let’s get fresh! The fresher the fruit, the longer it lasts AND the more nutrients it retains, so who DOESN’T want the freshest avocados possible?? Depending on the time of year and where you live, it can take weeks for an avocado to be put on display at your local grocery store. Oftentimes, these avocados have sat in industrial refrigerators waiting to be shipped to your store, have been transported many miles (usually from Mexico!), and then sit again, waiting to be put on display at your local market. In order to survive this journey, avocados are often picked way before their peak so that they make it to the store! When you order online at, you get freshly picked avocados within 2 days from when they are taken off the tree in the California sunshine. By ordering directly from our boutique avocado farm, you are getting the freshest avocados available! Our specially trademarked “lovecados” are the richest, plumpest, and most delicious avocados on the market and they are available for small OR bulk orders!
  2. Hands OFF! No one likes getting groped and squeezed and that includes your avocados! The avocados found in stores are often bumped and bruised from the picking, shipping and displaying process, and have often been touched by many hands by the time it get to your store. During this time of pandemic, I think we can all agree that the fewer hands touching our food, the better! When you buy direct from, you can be assured that the same (gloved) hands that picked your fruit, are the same ones that boxed your fruit…so the next hands that touch your avocados are YOURS.
  3. But isn’t buying avocados online expensive? When is the last time you saw good, fresh avocados on sale at a traditional grocery store? Usually, stores put these fruits on sale just before they start to turn in order to dump their product before its unsellable! Even then, buying avocados in bulk at a traditional grocery store is still expensive. By buying direct from the farmer, you eliminate the middleman and store maintenance costs that make avocados expensive. Having your avocados directly shipped to your home within 2 days of hand picking greatly reduces the chances of getting a “bad” avocado, AND if the quality of your avocados isn’t what you expect, you know exactly who to talk to! We at would love the opportunity to provide you with the freshest, cleanest, and highest quality avocados on the market!

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